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LITTLE FERRY, New Jersey, Jan 07, 2008 - SYNET announced today that their Portable Wireless Gateway, WINDY 31 will provide people with three different useful functions in the form of one small USB stick. Whether you¡¯re looking for a Wireless LAN card, Access Point, or Wireless Router, you can find them all on this single portable tiny device.

"All three functions of the Portable Wireless Gateway, WINDY 31 enable the user to truly experience wireless freedom, as well as the convenience of portability," says Harry Rhim, CEO and President of SYNET. "One of the most valuable assets that this Portable Wireless Gateway, WINDY 31 prides itself most in, is its versatile wireless capabilities."

The WINDY 31 can conveniently be plugged right into the computer, PDA, or laptop's USB port. To be used as a Wireless LAN card, the consumer can walk into any cafe, library, office, school, airport, trade show, conference or any other place that provides wireless Internet service and let the auto-run installation program do the rest. Once setup is complete, the consumer will immediately be connected to the internet.

The WINDY 31 can also be used as a Wireless Access Point, or WAP. The Portable Wireless Gateway can wirelessly network up to 32 different clients together by being plugged into a single host computer. Anyone can manage their local networks, and easily share their documents without the hassle of wires which will be perfect networking solution for the game console users(such as Nintendo or PSP) who need a Wireless Access Point to be able to play network game.

Last but not least, the Portable Wireless Gateway, the WINDY 31 can function as max 54Mbps high-speed of wireless broadband router, enabling users to easily connect other surrounding WI-FI enabled products, such as Laptops, PDAs, and even Cell phones to the Internet with its VOIP function embedded for free phone calls at home and abroad.

The Wireless Portable Gateway, the WINDY 31 was introduced for the first time at the IT Channel USA Conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, NJ on October 25, 2007 organized by SYNET.

About SYNET:

Established in 2001, SYNET has become a leading supplier of advanced PC resources sharing solution products for legacy PC conversion to newer models. The company specializes in the development of PC hardware/software solutions for sharing Internet resources and peripheral storage devices among DSL, cable modem and satellite subscribers, particularly for consumers and small business and home office environments. For questions regarding SYNET, information about SYNET, or for general press inquiries, call toll free: 1-866-877-9638 or email: pr@synetusa.com . Visit at www.synetusa.com for the details.
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